What makes our Kunafa the Tastiest in Bahrain?

Years of experience, we were the first established specialized Kunafa store In Bahrain

If practice makes perfection, we have officially spent more years practicing our craft in the Kingdom of Bahrain than any other business.

Established in 2009, we have made all the trial and errors, good recipes and bad ones, till we created our perfect recipe.

We have possibly eaten more Kunafas then any humans recommended dosage

You need to keep tasting your food to ensure it is absolutely perfect.  We have eaten thousands upon thousands of Kunafa to produce the perfect product for you.

And yes, keep eating them!

We secretly call our addiction “menu tasting” for quality purposes, truth is, we just love em!

Okay you got us, it’s all in the secret sauce!

There is no other way it can be explained, without revealing our secret sauce!

There is just something about Kanafawy’s Kunafa, that gives a indulgent explosion of flavor with every bite!